The Maqbooliya Memorial Educational Welfare And Charitable Organisation. Was established in the year dated, August 10th 2009 in the city of Bijapur to provide Educational and Social facilities for Minorities especially members of the Muslim community as there was no other Educational Institution in local areas of Hangal town of Haveri district, these our Institution are being provided in the name of Al-Ameen Group Of Schools by chance this being the first of it’s kind in north Karnataka TMMEW&C. Organization had been trying it’s best to provide Islamic religious Technical, and Modern Education along with World Scientific Competitive Computer Education for all.
                   Its aims to create the spirit of true humanity towards the nation and society.
Our Organizations main Aim is up-liftment of poor and needy backward communities all-round development.
                   It’s founder MAQBOOL AHMED.M.AKKIVALLI laid the foundation of a big movement called---- آدھی روٹی کھایئے ، بچوں کو پڑھایئے--- (EAT HALF BREAD TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN)                      under their patronage attention was focused on Education Health, Social Development, especially Women Development, development of destitute children.

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